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Paloma Torres – Piece in ‘Post Neo Mexicanismos’ exhibition – ESPAC

2016, abril 21

Paloma Torres – Piece in ‘Post Neo Mexicanismos’ exhibition – ESPAC abril 21, 2016 The exhibition ‘Post Neo Mexicanismos’ consists of a selection of works from the ESPAC collection (Contemporary Art Space) that add to the new acquisitions of the Contemporary Painting Program. Taking as a starting point the critical works of the late eighties which disdained modern ruling narratives, as well as other beta from the nineties in which one can see conceptual and minimalista procedures; ‘Post Neo Mexicanisms’ reviews a number of works from the ESPAC collection relevant to the desnacionalizing artistic procedures that overestimated the advent of postmodernism in Mexico. Moreover, paintings by Fernando Garcia Correa are detached from the European academic tradition to venture into postminimalist formations that link the pictoric plane -virtual- with real space, a tour that extend to the polyptychs from Sofia Táboas and Francis Alÿs, and the proposal of three-dimensional abstraction of Paloma Torres. Also, the figurative beta of Boris Viskin, the «Taka» Fernández and Germán Venegas, also circle around the issue of the textures, the volume and the overflow of pictorial figuration to the sculptural space, in an opposite direction to minimalistic phenomenology. In order to highlight the differences, similarities and specialties of the pictorial «denationalized» language, this exhibition sets out the beginning of an investigation which part from those proposals in the decade of the nineties that opened a gap to consolidate new routes for the internationalization of local painting. Piece presented: Paisaje blanco (White Landscape) , 1998. Ceramics on wood.

ESPAC collection.

03 PostNeoMexicanismos
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