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“Urban Patterns” (Tramas Urbanas) by Paloma Torres

Date : 04 October 2016 - 23 October 2016 Location: Hall, L floor

A space where human development can regenerate the social weave. Paloma Torres, 2015. The “Urban Patterns” exhibition consists of a series of textiles in various techniques: 3 gobelin-style cotton tapestries, 13 wool felts and more than 29 small sculptures which were made in collaboration with “EL CASA” (Arts Center in San Agustín Etla in Oaxaca, Mexico). This exhibition was created and developed in Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Mexico City. The four felt textiles were created in the workshop of Master Francisco Toledo, in the city of Oaxaca. It was during this time when Paloma Torres also started to utilize the discarded material of the workshop to create nine abstract felts, mixing wool with other fabrics to design collage-styled pieces that have direct reference with other artists that had worked in Mr. Toledo’s workshop. To achieve a transition from ceramic creations to textile works, Paloma was inspired by an aerial photograph series of the Valley of Mexico (Mexico City and its suburbs). These images allowed her to see her city as if it was covered by a large tapestry made of buildings, people and urban structures. This led her to reflect about “space” as a living element with the ability to shape the spirit of the entire society. Therefore it became important to her to advocate for favorable environments for human development and not dull spaces that only generate frustration and violence for its inhabitants. This exhibition, curated by Dr. Agustín Arteaga, explores a different approach to the use of selected materials and supplies through which Paloma Torres presents the viewer the spaces they inhabit by living in the city. With her textile research she aims at building bridges in order to connect and reveal similarities between apparent different cultures such as Mexican and Middle Eastern ones.


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