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Paloma Torres. Conceptual Ceramics

KnownEventialities 2020, marzo 3 Paloma Torres. Conceptual. Ceramics. Sculpture. 3 marzo, 2020

Seeing Paloma Torres’ lone conceptual ceramic sculpture at the Fernando García Ponce-Macay Museum in Mérida, Mexico, triggered that rare and magical eye/brain art experience, that sumptuous moment when all connection with the body disappears, and the electrical connections between seeing and understanding glow. It is uniquely transportive. To paraphrase Emma Thompson in her role as a ranting late night talk show host, she said, “While it is possible to ‘like’ several things, technically, you can only have one favourite”. Well ‘technically’ that may be true, my ‘multi-favour-ist’ tendencies do persist, and I want to immediately add the work of Paloma Torres to my hallowed short list. The etherial nature of her work is difficult to capture in photographs, but someday you might be in the same city, museum, or gallery and spot one of her sculptures. Take that opportunity to walk around it. Rest. Let your eyes see what they are seeing. Witness the raw merge with the smooth, the mat interrupt the gloss, and the smoky darkness give way to the understated light. All in, it is cerebral champagne and if Emma ever sees Paloma’s work, I suspect that she, too, will embrace multi-favourite-ism. Note from


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