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I was born in México City in 1960. At 21, I began exploring ceramics as a student in the National School of Visual Arts [1]. From that day on, I have not ceased been fascinated by clay. I soon realized that, besides technical mastery, this material requires being understood as a total PROCESS: a full bodily and conceptual comprehension of multiple variables by which argil is reconstituted into tridimensional entities.

Direct involvement with materials is an essential part of my work. The daily task of constructing a piece leads me to think it and rethink it. The conjunction between the physical limits and my desire to articulate its development allows me to evolve from the initial concept to the finished product. Yet, the greatest challenge to overcome is that no matter how I build or how I paint a sculpture, materials have a way of expressing themselves; there will always be an element of surprise: sheer luck. Fire, after all, does have the final word.

As an artist, understanding working processes has guided me into discovering other media. Therefore, my sculptures are also made out of bronze, wood, metal, concrete and even out of felt. Through these diverse techniques I have come to embrace volume as well as bidimensional representation; thanks to my experience in graphics, my production has also been enriched towards drawing, textiles and relief.

    The city is one of my greatest passions. As I was born in a family of architects, space naturally became the most important element in my worldview. Ever since I was a child, I learnt to discover that plazas and buildings were not alien to us, but the flexible stage that made our daily life activities possible. Being a sculptress, I am certain that the spirit of every community is forged -precisely- in the interaction among extensions and structures. Cultivating and preserving this vital dialogue between open and enclosed spaces is not only an artistic responsibility, but a necessary human commitment, in order to construct healthy societies.


[1] Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas.

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