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Yo Casa: Reconstrucción.

in the ISSSTE Gallery

Substract of the article from Secretaría de Cultura Mx

The "Yo: Casa" project of Paloma Torres, the inner thought about public spaces.

Works from the series Yo: Casa (Me: House), the main idea of this exhibit is to transform and take back the common spaces lost in the contemporary societies and big cities.

According to the artist, this theme is an essential part of the human being, because of the loss of public spaces generates violence. "Everything now is massive, you cross the street, go to the subway or the Metrobus and the whole mass of people is the one that makes you go there, without any decision. We live in a society where all spaces are lost, you don’t have a place in public transportation nor office spaces. Also the houses where we live, are crowded, there’s lots of people in just one place".

Me: House series are ceramic, steel and bronze pieces, lattices and structures built for the people, in order to make the audience create their own personal space, however they want to be in. The idea of the art pieces is that each one of us has a space, our own space. "We need it as human beings, sometimes we need to be isolated and have a private space, only for us. I think this is important because space, generally speaking, is the one that conforms the spirit of a society".

Check this video about the exhibition:
Channel 22. Interview

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