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Recreaciones Urbanas

in the Textile Museum of Oaxaca

Museo Textil de Oaxaca

Diverse artists has worked with urban landscape, focusing in public sculpture, murals and architectural design. Paloma Torres's work is singular,  because its based on the city strokes as a social weaving with urban vision that provokes emotions and reflections about environment that surround us. The artist points out that the panorama of those who lives in the metropolis is reduced into one plane, losing the horizon of the mountains, perspective and plane sequence in our visual education, limiting it to concrete and asphalt.


Recreaciones urbanas rediscovers the artist production that takes us through spaces that reunite the three levels of the urban horizon: sky, ground and underground. From aerial landscapes from Mexico Valley limits with Puebla to the metro line excavations, Torres reveals herself through diverse media that proposes a consciousness reflexion of the places we live and walk through every day, deciding if we are part of the landscape, the esthetics and the surroundings that affect the recognition or recreation of our identity.

Modify language, integrate new codes, make a twist, open paths, cross bridges, move grounds, cut trees, close roads, construct buildings, bend metal, weave cables... forms part of the metropolitan ambience that Paloma Torres recreates with her work. Her reflexion confront us with a city through art, making her an urban landscape biographer of our time.

Textile Museum Oaxaca
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