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Clay in Transit

Tierras Ambulantes

in the Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, D.C.

Clay in Transit: Contemporary Mexican Ceramics

  • Works by:

    Ana Gómez, Saúl Kaminer, Perla Krauze, María José Lavín, María José de la Macorra, Gustavo Pérez, Paloma Torres.

  • Curated by:

    Paloma Torres

In an era accustomed to the transient, where ephemerality and immediacy have become commonplace, seven artists from Mexico choose to make clay-based works as a way of intersecting past and present. Their chosen material, the ancien t medium of clay, requires patience, precision, and intimacy to be given shape, and it is through this process that the artists poetically materialize their intention of suspending and stopping time. They also build upon the collective histories of their chosen medium – clay as nature, clay as origin, clay as shelter, clay as dam, clay as vessel, clay as terra firma – and choose to play with those histories in their attempts to give the viewer pause while, simultaneously, addressing twenty-first-century aesthetics and concerns.

Clay in Transit was presented in Washington D.C., New Orleans and Texas.

This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of Jennifer Wooster (NC ’91), Lora and Don Peters (A&S ’81), Newcomb College Institute of Tulane University, Ms. Valerie A. Besthoff, Andrew and Eva Martinez, and the Newcomb Art Museum advisory board.


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